Saturday, June 23, 2012

Swift Saturday #3…

Saturdays are a great day.
I love the fact that I get more family time and I get things done around the house.
I don’t read a lot of blogs on Saturdays, so I’ll keep this one short, so you don’t either…

Simple word today: Change
Not the coins in your pocket, but how you do things.
We all need change (although the extra coins may be nice here).
I don’t mean change in anything negative or forced change to something you don’t like.
I mean a change in attitude.
I picture a little cloud bubble above your head right now that says: “Who is he to say my attitude stinks?” or “How does he know anything about my attitude?”
I certainly don’t know much about you, but I know that I struggle with my attitude somedays, and somedays I need to be reminded to keep it in check.
Maybe today you can work on your attitude in one tough area. We all have one…
Maybe yours is towards a boss, or a family member, or a church friend, or towards a company, or…
You may not have an issue with this today, but if you do, take a minute to change it for the better.
Lessons Learned: Changing an attitude is easier than fixing a broken relationship.
Thoughts: Do you like change?
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