Friday, June 22, 2012

Under construction...

We see lots of construction every day.
Buildings, like the one pictured.
Roads, bridges, hotels, houses, computers, tablets, mobile devices, etc., etc., etc.
Construction goes on all the time....
Why do we construct?

Two thoughts: 
  1. To move forward. 
  2. To repair. 
If there was not any construction going on, then there would be no changes occurring. We would still be in the dark ages and not have the amazing technology we have today. It took people dreaming and caring to move our country and our world froward with all the amazing changes that we've seen along the way.
It never stops.
If it does, we begin to go backwards. 
Think of your own personal life. 
Are you moving forward?
What does it take to move forward?
Simple things...
  1. Prayer - taking time to talk with the Lord. This is not a fancy special language. It's just talking and asking Him questions. Talk to Him like you do any other person, with respect, and sharing your feelings, hopes, heart, burdens, dreams. Ask Him to show you want ones are right and keep in touch with Him all through the day. 
  2. Bible - read it and study it. It's not just a book, so take time to understand it as you read it. Feel free to seek your Godly leaders for advice and direction. Start simple and grow through it. 
  3. Be in church - it's a great time to grow, to move forward and to get direction for how to move forward. 
There are lots of other things that go into construction, but those three tools will have the greatest impact. 
This is for all of us too. 
We have weak areas, and failures and areas that are broken. 
Those need to be repaired. 
Are you in repair mode?
How do you do that?
It's the same as above, but I would recommend one caveat...find someone who helps keep you accountable and can be an advisor to you.
I have a few people in my life that I speak to when I need direction, ask for prayer and keep me in check, so I don't head down the wrong path. Sometimes they tell me things I don't want to hear and give me a kick to go the right way. Sometimes they act as a comfort to me. Often, they encourage me when I need it.
You don't have to have 50 of these accountability partners. You might have just 2-3. No problem with that. Just have some. They will help you as you need fixing in areas that lack. Don't miss these people. They will help you change your lives and keep you on the right paths. BTW - your spouse is one that should be an automatic. 
We all need to move forward for the Lord and for those around us. 
We all need repair so that we don't fail more often.
Lessons Learned:  There's a lot of failure available to us, if we don't get under construction.  Failing unnecessarily is unwise.
Thoughts: are you under construction?
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