Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Broken tiles…

Photography is not my forte...my big toe got in the way - at least my shoe is shined...

I like broken things.
Broken things often show failure.
I’m okay with failure.
Failure is needed, I think.
It happens to all of us.
Sometimes, though, there’s planned failure…
Now, I don’t mean that you should desire to fail, but there are times that it has to be part of the plan.
Look at the tiles in the floor.
No-one dropped something on them, to cause them to crack.
This wasn’t done for style.
Those tiles were broken to create a change...a change in elevation, so the water could run down to the drain. They installer broke the tiles so that they could all angle towards the drain, and therefore, water would flow the right direction.
We need purposeful brokenness too:
To make sure we are humble.
Let me define brokenness with the concept of humility. Humility is hard. We usually think our plans and ideas are right and generally defend them in front of others. We don’t think our ideas are foolish, but sometimes they are, and we have to be humble to get the foolishness out. I know that I made some decisions, with career choices, that I wish I could reverse, but I thought I had the right ideas and foolishly followed them, but ended up failing, because I didn’t listen and humble myself.
Do you remember any foolish decisions you've made?
To make sure we go the right way.
The water needs to head towards the drain. We need direction too. We need to humbly accept leadership to ensure we are headed the right way. We don’t realize that we’re headed the wrong way, most of the time, so we need leaders, coworkers, friends and family that will help us keep on the right track and not go the wrong way. 
We never intended to go the wrong direction, but it happens to all of us, so we need to humble ourselves and accept the changes that are necessary to get back in the right lane and keep the course correctly.
Have you every found yourself heading the wrong way?
To make sure we are in line.
Water will follow the path of least resistance and curve around any direction that it’s lead. Water just flows, so I has to be direction to go downwards and in a line to meet the drain. We meander lots in life, and take the easy route too often, but for us to be successful, we need to get the direction that those before us have learned and be in the right line.
When I play MarioKart with my children, I often get out of line and onto the grass, snow drifts, sand and other areas of the track that slow me down. I need to be on the track and in line to beat them, and I can learn from how they stay in line. In life, I need to stay in line to be able to have the right results and others may teach me where the lines are.
Have you ever been outside the lines?

Lessons Learned: Humility is tough, but it keeps us on target.
Thoughts: What areas do you struggle with, in regards to brokenness?
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