Monday, July 9, 2012

Distractions and spinny things…

I’m not sure how to spell “spinny” like in spinning, so I’m going with what I have.
I love these crazy spinning money grabbers. They’re so fun to watch. You can set up races and challenges and compare the gravity of a nickel to a penny. You can have a crash-’em-up-derby style go round, by throwing a penny straight down after the first coins start to go.
It’s a blast!
It’s a distraction for the moment!
It’s a great marketing plan!

I am easily distracted - wait one sec, someone just opened a door - okay I’m back. I have come to realize that if I were a child, I would have ADD, ADHD, ABCD and many other initials behind my name, because I have the attention of a humming bird darting around all the time. I have a thought, then I immediately take off to another thought and roll around to something new within the next ten seconds. Rabbit trails are my friend, because I don’t know how to get off of them.
Over the years, I’ve gotten to the point where I embrace the distractions that I have, because they would just be frustrations if I didn’t. I now enjoy all of my initials very much. That may seem weird to some, but I am who God made me, distractions and all.
Hold on - someone’s iPad is making a shinny spot on the ceiling - it looks like a turtle swimming in the ocean on top of a Volkswagen Beetle...or is that a Bug...BTW, doesn't a Beetle look like a turtle somewhat too?
Distractions can be a blast - I know you likely didn’t see that turtle, but it was fun for me to wander into a moment of non-thinking and view that distraction. 
Little distractions can be hilarious. 
Think of all the times, during your lifetime, that you saw something comical while driving, or saw a person trip while walking, or say a billboard with a funny message, or a child said something off the wall that made you laugh out loud. Those are important times and we have to embrace them.
Moment please - just saw a lady hit someone with her purse - not on purpose, but her purse was so big, she flopped it into them.
I made you think about a purse and a lady with the distraction above. You had no option. It was a distraction to you, but it got you on the wavelength that I decided and wanted. So does that crazy little funnel - people are drawn to it, by it’s noise, it’s mesmerizing trance of circular motion, and by the chance to see something you don’t see every day.  What a plan. Distraction with a purpose.
I use distractions with my Junior high boys Sunday school class all the time. They would  be bored to death, with a standard lecture, if I didn’t jump onto a rabbit trail, or make a strange noise, or make fun of something or someone during the class. I am distracted anyway, so I may as well draw them in and have us all enjoy the distraction at the same time. It brings people together.
Lessons Learned: Distractions was I? Oh - they’re great! (didn’t that make you think of Tony the Tiger? Got you again - another distraction).
Thoughts: What distracts you?
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  1. I'm easily distracted. Sometimes it's good for me to relax and re-energize but sometimes it's not so good.

  2. Well said - it's a fine balance...thanks, TC!


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