Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lazy Saturdays…

Look for the missing letter...

For awhile, I took time to write a normal length blog post on Saturdays but a while back, I simplified that. I normally write about 500 words, but Saturdays are way shorter.
At first I felt lazy and undisciplined, but then I realized a few things:
I do not have a boss over my blogging - it’s just me.
Saturdays are busy and people need short encouragement's.
I need a breather so I write something short.
Short posts can help others too.
People have less time for blogs on Saturdays.
We need to take advantage of our family time on Saturdays, if we can.
Saturdays should include some fun and not just blogging.
Thanks for reading my blog - I hope I’m a help in some way to you. Would love some feedback, if you like...
Lessons Learned: I like lazy Saturdays. BTW - this is my 250th post - woot! Guess I’m not too lazy…
Thoughts: Is it lazy to have a short post?
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