Thursday, July 5, 2012

Disaster and beauty…

I’m not sure exactly what happened here, but it was a mess.
This building had been in that spot a very long time.
It was destroyed - not replaceable - not to be rebuilt - gone.
Sometimes, in order to bring in the new, we have to get rid of the old.
Sometimes, in order to build up, we need to tear down.
Sometimes, it’s a dramatic move to move forward…

I look at my life and the areas that I fail with regularly and I’ve noticed one particular thing over the years.
I have to get rid of some items and replace them with a better item, so that the old item doesn’t become the new item...what?
If you want to change a bad thing in your life, you have to truly get rid of it and put something better in it’s place.
For a smoker, maybe it’s a mint, or chewing gum.
For a big eater, maybe it’s a salad.
For a person who is challenged with a bad attitude, it may be encouraging someone else.
I have seen many people, including me, that have gotten rid of a bad habit, for a while, and then it just came back again.  They didn’t put a better habit in place to make sure the old one wouldn't return.
Occasionally, a person doesn’t want to get rid of the bad, because they think they may not enjoy the good thing that replaces it.
That smoker, thinks that gum chewing isn’t cool enough.
That big eater, figures that the salad tastes awful.
That person with the attitude, considers the good attitude boring.
This may be the case, but look at the picture below, of the new that replaced the old...and they’re not done. Soon there will be grass. Flowers and plants. It will be a nice spot to sit and relax. 
The disaster turned into beauty.
I think the Lord looks at us that way too.
He wants us to go through the disaster, or get rid of the old, to beautify us and better us for the future. We look at it as tough and bad, but He looks at it as a time to get us in better shape for better things to come.
God wants the best for us, even during our trials. He wants the negative to turn into the positive - BTW - everything the Lord has is positive - He can only bring about the good, because He is GOOD!
If you’re going through a tough time of disaster, or rebuilding or a time where you don’t see the beauty yet, just know that God’s plan is best in the end.

Here's another post about a disaster - it's a little lighter than this one... ;)
Lessons Learned: Disasters are good, when they bring out beauty.
Thoughts: Are you in a disaster right now?
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