Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mixed messages…

I love the fact that signs are posted without any kind of planning ahead.
This sign cracks me up.
The poor children.
First they call them slow…
Then they encourage them to be hunted…
What has our society come to?
We need to think about our message…

We all have a message to give.
You may not have a planned message, but you’re giving one everyday to everyone you come in contact with. 
People know your message and know you better than you thin they may.
You read like a billboard to your closest friends and family, and even to some strangers.
The problem is, that we don’t have our message straight or set correctly.
We give a mixed signal and confuse those we touch.
Do you give out one thought with your voice, another with your actions, and different ones with what you write?
The signs pictured was unintentional and not meant for any harm. Some glance at them and don’t think anything at all, but many will connect the two and chuckle, because they can’t work together correctly.
I know some folks that say they are humble people, but then they talk about themselves all the time.
I know people who say they are careful with what they eat, but looking at them proves them wrong.
There are several that I know who say they are positive people, but always look at the glass half empty.
I know people that say they want to encourage others, but they complain often.
I know many that say they are obedient employees, but then look for ways to sneak around the rules.
I know myself, and I say that I don’t worry, but then I sit and mull over my budget will fretting about how to make ends meet, sometimes.
Do you struggle with a mixed message like the ones above, or others?
It’s so hard to keep on point, when it comes to our daily lives and routines. 
We try to look one way, but inside we struggle with the exact thing we are trying to look like. We all want to be known as someone who has good qualities and characteristics, so that’s what we represent to others, when we talk to them. The problem is, our actions give away our true thoughts, and often our words will mix up in the middle of a sentence.
Have you ever caught yourself saying something like this?
“I’m not a complainer, but…”
“I don’t gossip, but did you hear about so and so…?
“I give 110% at my job. Can you take a long lunch with me on the golf course on Friday?”
Sometimes it’s more subtle, like…
You simply don’t tell anyone that your going golfing…
You only gossip with a certain group of your friends - maybe at the office, but not at church...
You only complain to others that you know are complainers…

We all struggle with our message.

some other signs to think about here, there, and everywhere.
Lessons Learned: It’s simple to say what you want others to think about you, but the signs often show something different.
Thoughts: What’s your sign? (pun intended)
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