Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Winner’s Circle…

What a great name for a street, well circle!
I’ve seen streets named poorly before.
This one just gives you a bubbly feeling, when you say it. 
You’re street is better than the next guys. 
His street is 4th Ave, or Jones Court, or Palmer Lane - all of those are Loser’s Circle compared to where you live - Winner’s Circle!
You can walk around and hold up the loser sign at your forehead, as you pass by everyone else’s street - how awesome is that?
What a cool name to have on your business card…

Did they name it after Mr. Winner? 
All of a sudden, it sounds much less cool. When you call someone a winner, it has that I-know-you’re-really-a-loser type of sound. 
Did they name it after someone as a way to not use their real name?
You know, this was named after Mr. Al Bino, or Mr. Alf Abet (you get the idea), but they didn’t want to use his real name, because it sounded so ridiculous.
I don’t know the reason, nor am I going to take the time to find out - not that important - but I liked the ring to it...Winner’s Circle!
It gave me a connotation of success.
I like to win.
I like to win continually, like, in a circle - never ends.
It’s not an easy thing to be in the Winner’s Circle all the time, but it’s a pleasant place.
In business, it takes some very hard work to win regularly.
In sports, it takes serious dedication to have success.
In a family, it takes immense prayer, and focus to have a good family.
In all that we do, it’s hard to win and make it to the Winner’s Circle.
Except for one area…
God’s love!
We do nothing at all - I repeat, at all - to be loved by the Lord. He loves us, just because. He loves us. 
This is an amazing fact. 
We are in the Winner’s Circle of God’s love all the time, no matter what. 
He doesn’t give up on us.
He never fails us.
He is always focused on us.
He created creation for us.
He takes care of us.
We did nothing for this. God just chose to create us and love us. He even loved us so much, that He gave up His Son on the cross, to die for us, just because He loved us.
I wouldn't give up my son, but God gave up His Son for us. Amazing.
He put us at the top of the list, no matter what stacked ranking you may be looking at in your life. 
He still loves you, not matter your lot in life - rich, poor, healthy, sick, working, unemployed, abled, disabled, young, old, short, tall, or any other possible list you can put yourself on.
He loves you. It’s true. His love will not leave.
Lessons Learned: God’s love puts you in the Winner’s Circle every time.
Thoughts: Do you have a hard time remembering that God loves you?
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  1. If I take my eyes off God and onto the world and all its problems, yeah, I have a hard time remembering God's love. Must keep focused on the Cross.


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