Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday Silliness…

Looks like a sunset, but it's actually lightning!

You just have to laugh…
Enjoy this list of funny names…not sure if they’re real or not. 
Some may take a moment to figure out, and most are funny...
Burt Gurney - Think of Sesame Street
Sue Flay
Sue Yu
Tad Moore
Tad Pohl
Ted E. Baer
Tim Burr
Tish Hughes
Ray Gunn
Ray Zenz (raisins)
Raynor Schein
Reid Enright 
Olive Yew (I love you)
Oliver Sutton (all of a sudden)
Ophelia Payne
Oren Jellow
Jerry Atrick
Jim Laucher (gym locker)
Jim Shorts
Jim Shu
Jim Sox
Hugh Morris (humorous)
Hy Lowe 
Bea Lowe
Hy Price
I.D. Clair
I. Lasch
Bill Board
Bill Ding
Bill Foldes
Bill Loney
Hope you had a laugh…
Lessons Learned: Think through naming your children.
Thoughts: Do you know someone with a comical name?
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