Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Need a lift?

This is said to someone that’s walking along a road - likely a friend, family member or associate.
Sometimes it refers to someone that is down that needs to keep their chin up in a tough situation. 
Once in a while it may be used when someone is tired and offered a up of coffee or some crazy energy drink.
I think we all need a lift at times…
When we have a busy day.
When someone fails us.
When we are hurting.
When we have given all we could to help someone.
When we did our best and it wasn’t good enough.
When we tried and failed miserably.
When the month ended way to short of the money.
When we prayed, but didn’t get the answer WE wanted.
When you let someone steal your joy.
When you've experienced a loss.
When you’re at the end of your rope.
When your bosses expectations are higher than you think you can meet.
When you…add your own thought here...
We all get down and we don’t see how we can get up.
We all need a lift…
Maybe you can try these ways…
Complain a bunch.
Make someone else mad.
Cut someone off while driving.
Make sure everyone knows how down you are.
That’s what a lot of people do. They spread their attitude.
You might want to try these instead.
Ask the Lord for His grace.
Too simple, right? That’s our problem, we think that our needs require a complicated solution. They don’t, they simply need the Lord. He’s our help. He’s the answer to the lift we need.
Realize you are blessed.
You already have a lot of good things, in your life, not matter how bad things are right now. You have the lift you need, if you’ll just take a minute to think about the great things you have already. Stop looking at all the struggles you are in.
Help someone else who needs a lift.
One of the best ways to get out of your down times, is to simply lift someone else up. You completely forget about your burdens, when you take on someone else’s. You can’t keep thinking about you, when your thinking about someone else.
How simple is that?
Can you get a lift with those simple ideas?
Lessons Learned: The lift you need is not based on what you do.
Thoughts: What’s keeping you from getting a lift?
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  1. TC - you have no idea how encouraging your comments are - thanks a bunch!

  2. You are more than welcome!
    God bless.


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