Monday, July 30, 2012

Rain and dead grass...

Raining with the sun shining - cool...

We have gone through a time of heat and drought in most of the country, this summer. 
The heat has been severe and the heat index has been way higher than a normal summer.
We recently had a few really good rains, and we were all very thankful, because it cooled the days off by 10 or so degrees and our yards started to green back up. 
The heat has returned with mostly dry weather.
I know you were hoping that you would read a weather forecast on my blog today…
When in the rain, don’t complain…

We struggle with being satisfied.
When it’s hot, we complain. Our grass dies. We don’t have to mow.
When it’s cold, we complain. Our grass dies. We don’t have to mow.
When it’s rainy, we complain. Our grass grows. We have to mow.
When the sun shines too bright, we complain. Our grass grows. We have to mow.
We just tend to be too focused on the moment and not looking at the big picture.
I think it may just be an easy conversation starter, so we jump to it quickly.
We may just never be satisfied.
It all comes down to the complaining though.
I’ve noticed that we complain, no matter what the situation. Our jobs are hard, or boring, or we don’t like our coworkers. Our church is too modern, or old fashioned, or the seats are too hard, the air too cold, or hot. Our family is too nosey, or doesn’t get together enough. Our city is too slow to grow, or getting too many big companies, and hurting the old ones. Our country is great, but it’s defense is weak, it’s economy is down, but we are too rich a society and spoiled.
Complaining is the easy way out.
Complaining is the easy way out.
I said it twice on purpose, because I needed to hear it. It’s easy to think doubt the negative first. It’s hard to think about the positive first. The negative complaints just flow from our lips, like flood waters ravaging a small town. The positive comments flow more like a hose that someone is stepping on and another person is kinking. It takes effort to get the positive to come out of our mouths...lots of effort.
Notice that when it rains, we complain about it, but it helps our yards to grow and green up, but we complain about the mowing.
Notice when it’s hot and doesn’t rain, we complain about the heat and how it kills our grass, but we like the fact we don’t have to mow.
There are positives in every situation - not just some, all.  We have to see what God has for us in the moment we are struggling and realize that He has a perfect plan and something good because of our hard time
Lessons Learned: Don’t take the easy route - think about the positive. There's always sun above that rain cloud.
Thoughts: What can you learn form your tough time, right now?
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