Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Never give up…

You see that blade of grass (almost in the center of the picture). Little blades of grass and weeds do this all the time.
I see this all the time. Most of the time, I think it’s a nuisance, or I think about how in the world that grass got to the middle of a street, parking lot or patio - it’s amazing that they grow there.
Today is different - a friend of mine saw a blade of grass like this one and he said “Never give up!”

We need to have the energy of a blade of grass.
Blades of grass do not stop growing, if they have anything to do with it. Just look at your lawn. It seems they grow in the heat, the rain, the snow, and the bright sun. They keep reloading with energy form their roots and seem to have boundless energy.
We need to take that lesson and keep our energy levels up by…
Getting the energy from the root in our lives - the Lord. He’s our only true energy source.
Taking all the positives of our surroundings and using them to motivate us. Grass blades use the sun and the rain to make them grow. We have good things in life to move us forward too.
Taking all the negatives of our surroundings and using them to motivate us. The grass takes the dirt of life, the snowy days and turns those into positives that help it grow. Turn our challenges to better ourselves too.
We need to have the focus of a blade of grass.
It not only has energy, the blade of grass has only one focus - to grow. It just grows and grows and grows its entire life. It keeps on target no matter the trials, like I listed above. It knows that there are challenges, but it keeps focusing on the task at hand.
Do we do that? 
Or do we get distracted by what’s around us?
That intense focus is what makes people successful and keeps them motivated. We need that too.
We need to keep going like the blade of grass.
That blade just never gives up. It has the energy. It has the focus. It keeps going like the energizer bunny.  I give up sometimes. I fail at my energy level and focus too. That blade of grass will grow wherever it can, even in the smallest little crevices, or holes or in terrain that wouldn't make sense to you nor I. 
What an example God has put in our path everyday.
That blade of grass is a little thing that God can use to help energize, motivate and focus us every single day. 
Lessons Learned: The grass is not always greener on the other side, but it doesn’t give up.
Thoughts: What other items, in God’s creation, motivate you?
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  1. "
    Getting the energy from the root in our lives - the Lord. He’s our only true energy source."...Amen to that Bro'!

  2. Jay - thanks for reading and for commenting. Keep doing what you're doing for Dad's everywhere.


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