Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wheels and stopping...

I saw this truck.
It was missing a wheel.
It made me think.

Do you ever go along with a missing wheel?
You can’t get far without one of your wheels.
If you've got a wheel that’s low, you are slowed down. 
If one is missing, you are dragging.
You can keep going along, but you’re not effectively getting anywhere. It’s like the police chases, we sometimes see, on TV, that show a bad guy flying down a road, then seeing one of their tires coming apart, then they crash. It’s never a good ending.
You may have some issue in your life, that you know needs to be corrected, but you’re letting it go low, go flat, or come right off the rim. It’s going to hurt you in the short term and the long term. You’re impacted your whole life, by not fixing it.
It may be…
A friendship.
A marriage issue.
A relationship with a child.
A coworker or boss problem.
A selfish attitude.
Whatever it is, you’re not getting as far as you thought you were, with a missing wheel.
You have to stop to fix the issue.
The owner of this truck, likely had no plans to stop and take care of the needed tire fixing. It was probably an interruption to their day. It was a cost to them someway. It caused a delay to their plans. It was, maybe, even embarrassing to have to stop in the middle of what they were doing.
These might be the case, for you too, but you need to stop and fix your issue.
It will likely interrupt your life, at least for a little while.
It will likely cost you, at least some time.
It will likely delay your plans.
It will likely be a bit embarrassing to deal with.
You will be so much better off, if you deal with the flat and fix the problem.
You could hurt yourself, or another if you keep going.
Remember the bad guy, on TV, that the police were chasing. It never ends up well for them - they go to jail, they get hurt in an accident, the police tackle them. It also often hurts someone else - the accident, a loved one misses them, a loved one is lost.
When you fix the problem, you keep yourself from further hurt (any issue you have is hurting you right now) and it keeps you from hurting another more (your issues hurt others, right now, too). 
You get to impact someone positively, when you have the issues gone, in your life. 
You turn yourself into a helper, not a hurter.
Lessons Learned: We all have flat or missing wheels - we just need to fix them.
Thoughts: Are you missing a wheel today?
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