Friday, July 20, 2012

Lightning strikes twice…

Look at the 23 second mark of this video - pretty cool!

I’ve never been struck by lightning.
I don’t plan to be struck by lightning.
I think lightning is way cool!
I’ve seen trees that were struck by lightning - incredibly powerful - incredibly quick - incredibly shocking (couldn't resist) - incredibly bright.
Lightning striking twice is looked at as both a good and bad thing.
The bad is quite obvious, so lets look at the good side…

The term means you were very blessed, or lucky, or you have a skill that few possess.
I’ve had lightning strike twice in my life in several areas:
  1. Jobs - I’ve had downsizings three times, but ended up in better roles after those.
  2. Adoption - I was physically adopted at 3 months old, and then spiritually adopted at 7.
  3. Churches - I’ve been part of two amazing churches, in my life. 
  4. Family - I have a wonderful family and tremendous in-laws - it’s true.
  5. Ministry - I’ve had full-time ministry and lay person ministry opportunities.
I could go on. I have been blessed more than many people in my life.
Because I’m awesome! 

Seriously, if you know me, you know just how mazing I am, and how I deserve to have so many good things happen to me in life. I can’t help how I was born with such a cool personality, physique and winsome skills...
Well, not really.
I don’t know why I’m blessed, but I will say, that I look at the blessings way more than the hurts, challenges, pains, frustrations and hard times in my life.
I could blog for months on the negative things that have occurred to me and how people have taken advantage of me. I could change my blog to “Never Win” or “ Never Smile” or “ Never, Never, Never…”  
Why would I want to do that?
The bad times and failures of life help me grow and see new opportunities in life.
I wouldn't get the second lightning strike, if I never had the first failure, or the first lightning strike.
I can’t look at the bad times, but in the light of God’s grace and with the thoughts that many are much worse off than I am. I have been given so many privileges, encouragements, blessings, and helps along the way, so when I have a down time, I need to take time to give someone else some help - it reminds me of just how much I have. 
I can’t focus on my situation - it’s small anyway.
I can’t have a “Woe is me attitude” because that won’t help anyone.
I can’t see the glass as half empty - theres still a lot in it.
I can’t see the need in others, if I keep looking at me.

Lessons Learned: Lightning strikes twice in all our lives - we may just have to keep looking into the storm.
Thoughts: Where have you seen lightning strike...for a second time?
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