Sunday, July 22, 2012

The signs are not always right…

I have seen this sign for 20+ years. I’m sure it’s accurate for the commute and to take the exit to Trinity lane. It’s likely ⅔ of a mile to get onto the ramp. I don’t think the DOT put this sign up mistakingly. They measured it off and put the marker where it needed to be. 
We have to trust that the sign is correct, and that the exit isn’t really 2 miles down the road, or just 1/10 of a mile ahead. There are signs we should trust, in our lives, but this sign made me think…

First thought, was about the sign itself.
Some people try to live their lives with just ⅔ of the Trinity. 
I’m not sure which two parts of the Trinity that people try to live without, but none can be lived without…
God - the creator of all things. We couldn't breath, we couldn't live, we couldn't do anything without God.
Jesus - our salvation. Jesus is part of every occasion, every thought, our only hope for eternity.
The Holy Spirit - our comforter. We can’t survive a day without Him - He’s our guide, our strength, our help in time of trouble.
Can you imagine living with just two thirds? 
What part do you cut out?
Who of the three do you want to get rid of?
⅔ does not the Trinity make - it’s 3/3 or a whole - it’s not one part, two parts, it’s the full Trinity all in one. 
For this thought, the ⅔ doesn’t match up with Trinity.
Another thought was about the direction of the sign.
It was pointing me in the direction of the Trinity - to the Lord!
I can’t drive by this sign anymore, without automatically thinking about the Lord and taking a moment with Him. The sign wasn’t intended to point me to anything, but a certain street (lane in this case), but it lead me to think about the Lord and talk to Him during my commute. 
I want to go down Trinity Lane daily, regularly, often, moment-by-moment...not the actual road, but I want to spend time with the Lord. Isn’t it cool how the Lord can use little things to draw us to Him. Things we see everyday. Things that aren’t meant for that purpose, but help us come closer to the Lord.
Some of you may pass this sign as you enter Nashville, and I hope you have a new direction when you see it.

Lessons Learned: God has His presence known in our everyday lives, if we’re looking for Him.
Thoughts: Did you see Him today? Have you passed by this sign?
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