Friday, July 13, 2012

It’s a double stir stick day…

I know it's Friday the 13th...

Looking at the pictures, you see that I opened the wrap on my stir stick at Panera Bread and it was a double stick pack. (Do not comment that this is a normal thing - you will burst my bubble - also - I did not stick two sticks in one package for an illustration - just took care of all you cynics out there… ;) Now to the good stuff...
This has happened to me twice now!
I felt like I won the lottery.
I figured lightening had struck twice - that never happens.
I was immediately grinning ear to ear.
This little thing made my morning…

Part of me immediately went to business, and thought about how the process for packaging these is broken, and it should be corrected, or profits are being stirred away. I thought that there must be an issue…
But my main thought was one of a little extra happiness.
It’s awesome how something little can add a spurt to your day and help you move forward with your tasks. 
It was truly a small thing. 
It’s just a piece of wood.
It’s only used for a moment.
It provides a small service.
But it was a help to me!
Are you doing that?
We think that we need to help with the big things for others and the large items of life. It’s not so - we can help people everyday by doing the little things along the way. We can be that spurt of joy, or that push of encouragement, or provide the stir that someone needed to move on, just by making them important. 
It’s the handshake.
It’s the smile.
It’s the simple questions.
It’s the extra email.
It’s the moment of time in the elevator.
It’s the side hug at church.
It’s the pat on the back.
It’s the time to talk.
It’s the help with a project.
It’s the involvement in their ministry.
It’s the help with a chore.
It’s the additional word of thanks.
It’s the note left by their favorite book.
It’s the text message - talk about short and simple.
It’s the share/retweet of their post or blog.
It’s the fact that you cared about what their life was focused on, and not just about your little world. That little thing you did to help, or encourage, or assist, just took your little world and made it much larger. 
You just changed a life with an extra stir stick…
Lessons Learned: A little stir goes a long way.
Thoughts: How have you stirred things up lately?
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