Sunday, July 8, 2012

Are you afraid of falling?

I have been on this evil ride before, at a few different parks, and it’s ridiculous!
I was on a trip with some teens recently and several wanted to go on this ride. 
I said “No way for me!”
Pretty sure it’s called the Demon Drop at one park and I fully understand why - only something possessed could possibly strike this kind of fear in me. 
As I walked up, I began to sweat - not just because it was 88 degrees either! I got within about 50 yards and I had to hold my 12 year daughters hand, just to move on.
Then at the 20 yard mark, I began to crawl on hands and knees, just in case the ride tried to grab me and lock me in its clutches - once they get you, you may not return.
When I got to the line, I quickly got up and ran the opposite direction screaming like I was going to die...I felt much better after that, but the teens were laughing at me - mean kids…

Really, my thoughts today are about the worst kind of failure.
This is when you really fail big time and don’t return to what you once were. 
This is the fail that impacts every life you've touched along the way.
This is when you destroy other lives along with your own.
You simply fall away and give up on your Christian life.
I’ve seen it happen many times and it always destroys people. They start off changing other people and causing lives to move towards the Lord and then they get to a point of being tired, maybe a little discouraged, or disillusioned by someone else that fell, or maybe they give up because it was never real for them. I don’t know all the reasons that it happens, but I do know that it usually starts with something small and then grows to become a much bigger issue, and then it happens - they move on, they leave, they fall.
People that looked up to them, don’t know where to turn. They don’t understand and sometimes feel like they caused the problem, so they get discouraged too. They think through every thing that they can, but don’t come up with a reason that makes sense. They sometimes get bitter with that person and, even with God. The end result is that one fall causes another, and so on, and many people are impacted in the wrong way.
I have often prayed that the Lord would take me home rather than let me fail in this way. It would be devastating to be the reason for others failing in their walk with the Lord.
This is why I’m afraid to fall! 
Not from the coaster, but from my walk with the Lord. I want to - have to - impact others and you can’t do that when your not in the right spot. Falling is not the right spot, so I have to guard me, and you have to guard you to be sure we don’t fall and destroy many around us.
Oh, BTW, the devil would love to see it happen, especially if you have a larger sphere of influence, or you deal with one segment of the population, because then he can inflict maximum damage.
Don’t let that happen!

This is another good post about failing, but not so dramatic, because we will fail some, but hopefully not fall - fail.
Lessons Learned: The ultimate fail is to fall.
Thoughts: Are you guarding yourself and having others help you?
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