Sunday, July 29, 2012

The perfect mix…

Saw this guy riding a little while back and loved his plan.
He could be comfortable, maybe even a bit lazy, but still get his exercise.  
He was enjoying the outdoors, with the comforts of the indoors.
He had the perfect mix…

Do you ever think about the perfect mix?
It’s hard to get, in our extremely busy days. We have so many things going on that it’s nearly impossible to mix things together perfectly. We get out of balance very quickly and sit on one side of the balance too long, causing stress to overwhelm us.
I don’t really have the answer, other than to take time to pray and ask God for His abundant Grace!
He adds Grace to our daily lives and fills us with exactly what we need for each day. It’s the perfect mix everyday. It’s always dead on to the need we have, no matter how small or big.
Stress + Grace = Peace.
Financial needs + Grace = Provision.
Us + Grace = Righteousness.
Discouragement + Grace = Encouragement.
Disunity + Grace = Unity.
Sadness + Grace = Joy.
Discomfort + Grace = Comfort.
Disbelief + Grace = Belief
Sin + Grace = Forgiveness
Self + Grace = Unselfishness
Foolishness + Grace = Wisdom
Inequity + Grace = Equity
Failure + Grace = Success
Fear + Grace = Courage
Family + Grace = Home 
Goals + Grace = Results
Obviously, I could go on for quit some time about what Grace does for us. 
God’s Grace is everything for us. We have to have it and I rely on it every day. I truly can’t imagine how people make it without Grace each day. I’m humbled to know that God has more Grace than I could ever use, and He keeps giving it to me, no matter how often I fail, chose wrong, or make a mistake. God keeps giving me His Grace, though it’s obvious that I don’t deserve it and it’s obvious that I fail Him often.
I’m sitting here writing this, getting emotional, because I am so thankful that God never fails me and He helps me by His Grace each day in all of the categories I listed and more.
Lessons Learned: I’m not sure why God gives me His Grace, but I sure am grateful.
Thoughts: How have you seen God’s Grace in your life?

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