Sunday, July 1, 2012

Strange tree growth...

This tree is likely on its last leg.
It’s growing on one side, on the bottom and not on the top, or other side.
Looking at the ways that trees grow, you will see some wacky patterns and strange directions. 
The only real plan that a tree has for growth is to go up. How they grow up in many directions and create some mazing patterns.
Humans are a little different. We have a guidebook and some direction to the way we should grow.

You don’t always grow the way you want to…
Sometimes life takes us for a turn we don’t expect.
A tree grows where it’s planted, or where its seed falls. That doesn’t always mean a perfect spot. 
I’ve seen trees growing out of the side of a cliff.
I’ve seen a tree growing through a fence.
I’ve seen a tree growing out of a gutter.
I’ve seen a tree growing up through a house.
We may have been set in a strange spot to grow, but we have to grow where we’re planted. God has a perfect plan for the family He’s given you. He has a perfect plan for where you work. He has a perfect plan for the church He’s allowed you to minister in.
Sometimes we grow a little crooked.
As I said above, trees grow in a strange way sometimes. I used to admire this one tree that had split into two and grew in a U-shape. It was cool, but way out of the normal shape.
Growing a little crooked is not a bad thing - of course, I don’t mean crooked in a negative way.
Not of us has perfect circumstances throughout our lives, so none of us are exactly straight growers. We can’t be perfect, but sometimes we expect ourselves to be, or others expect us to be. We’re not! 
Life is not a utopia.
Don’t let life attack you with the idea that you can’t make mistakes, fail or even, choose wrong sometimes. It’s not best to choose wrong, but we do once in a while and we fail some. When we do, just get it right and start straightening your life to the best it can be.
Sometimes we lean towards the sun.
This one is the best one. 
When a tree needs a little help, it gets it by looking towards the light. It bends itself to make sure it gets the suns nutrients every day throughout its life.
This is a perfect application for our lives, but the spelling of sun is a little different - “Son!”
We get the opportunity to go to Jesus for our help…
When we make a mistake.
When we fail.
When we choose wrong.
We are human and we will end up growing a little crooked during time, but we can lean towards the “Son” every-time we need to and He will give us the nutrients we need too. the tree, in my picture, may not make it, but we always will with the Lord.
Lessons Learned: When you see a crooked tree, with leaves only on one side, and half dead, let it remind you of your life and how you can look to Jesus!
Thoughts: Are you struggling with some crooked areas in your life?
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