Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Where’s my lunch?

I have several pictures today, and yes it is very hard to drive 70 and take a picture through my mirrors, but I’m just that good...when you’re photographically abled like me, taking reverse photos, is a rare talent - BTW - don’t try this at home (or in your car), I am a trained professional.
The similarity in each picture is the car...I just couldn't resist the picture.
I can see bunches of thoughts, in little bubbles, above my head right now…

I have no idea what actually happened, in this situation...it’s likely that the person had these styrofoam boxes fly up on their car, as they were driving along the way, but who knows for sure. It makes me ask questions for sure…
Honey, where’s my lunch?
Why is that guy taking pictures of us?
Why are people looking at us?
What’s that smell? BBQ? Hotdogs? Chili? 
I think that smell is getting stronger - do you?
What is that flapping sound I hear?
Wait, I think I smell corn bread too?
The questions could go on…
Here’s the thought today...
We all fail, by accident, sometimes. 
There’s no way that this person put the to go boxes on their car purposefully. Like I said, they likely floated up their, as they drove.
They didn’t plan to have others point and stare at them or their car.
They didn’t even realize their fail.
We have that happen too.
We fail and don’t even realize it.
We shut a door in someone’s face, because we didn’t see them.
We ask someone about a loved one that passed away, but we didn’t know it.
We trip someone, as we walk, not realizing we did it.
We hurt a friend with a comment, that wasn’t intended as hurtful.
We spread a thought about someone, and it becomes an ugly rumor.
We have to be so careful with what we say and do each day.
We also have to be sensitive to the needs of others.
We have to be aware of when we fail.
We have to correct our failures, when we find out about them.
We have to laugh along, with others, when we fail too.

Failure is not fun...but it can be funny.
Failure is not planned...but it can be corrected.
Failure is consistent...we all do it.
Failure is consequential...it creates consequences, like it or not.
Failure is in our future...we will never stop.

Lessons Learned: Fail - it’s okay - just laugh and get it right.
Thoughts: Have you ever had something stuck to your car, like this?
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